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A Busy Girls Guide to Doing It Yourself

3 Steps to a Better Morning

You are busy. You are, right? I know I am, and mornings tend to be the busiest time of the day. You are getting dogs fed, spouses or children prepped and squared away for the day, not to mention getting yourself pulled together and into a state of decency to  be seen and able to interact with the rest of the world! There’s a lot to do, so how about a few quick night before things you can do to make your mornings feel a little less busy.


1. Choose your outfit and make sure it’s ironed. I’m the queen of busting out the iron 5 minutes before I  need to be out the door because I left clean laundry sitting in a basket where it got wrinkled when I should have just hung it up in the first place to avoid the whole situation. To avoid the last minute debate of “do I walk out the door looking like a wrinkled mess, or end up 5 minutes late to work so I feel pressed and put together for the day?” I’ve started taking care of it the night before. Take a few minutes to think about your day and pick out an outfit. I even go so far as to pick out accessories and shoes, really anything that I’d have to think about or make choices about in the morning. It really does save time. Then, as needed, I iron everything and hang it back up in the closet so it’s ready to go in the morning. Done! And in the morning, I can dress without a thought or any last minute drama.


2. Set yourself up for workout success. Again, you are busy remember, and I know some of you are like me and squeeze in your workouts early in the morning before work. My recommendation, skip the gym! That doesn’t mean don’t exercise, but it does mean avoid the extra time and unnecessary travel to get your morning sweat session in. Set yourself up for success and a smoother morning by finding a workout you can do from home. Whether it’s going for a jog around the block, investing in a cardio machine, or my personal favorite, using workout videos (I’m a huge fan of Beach Body programs like 21 Day Fix), you can find great workouts that you can complete from the comfort of home. Set out your cloths and any equipment the night before and you’ll be ready to jump out of bed and knock that workout out!

coffee filter

3. Prepare to caffeinate. Are you are coffee drinker? Or do you have some other morning fix that you just can’t start your day without? Prep it the night before. Invest in a coffee pot with a timer that you can clean and prep and set to brew at your desired time. At the very least, make sure it’s cleaned and prepped to brew so all you have to do is hit “ON”. It will save you the time in the morning as well as the temptation of just running out the door and grabbing a $4 cup on the way to work or at the office. Don’t you love tips that can save you time, stress, and money! I know I do.

Just doing these three things has saved my morning mindset. Brainstorm on your own routine and I bet you can find a few simple night before tasks that will help make your mornings a little more of a breeze rather than a whirlwind! Share your own better morning tips below.

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  • I absolutely hate laying my clothes out the night before, but am always SO HAPPY that I did when I wake up in the morning! So I am right on board with you!

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