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A Busy Girls Guide to Doing It Yourself

At Home Sunday Latte

Sunday mornings are my favorite time of the week. I enjoy getting to relax at home with my fiancé and our dogs, and that means the last thing I want to do is run out for a great cup of coffee, especially when it’s starting to get so cold outside! So, the ability to make an enjoyable latte at home is essential. And guess what, it’s incredibly easy! Here are some of my essentials and tips to make your Sunday morning blissful without running to the coffee shop.


Set yourself up for success. For me this meant investing in (or asking for as a Christmas gift) and inexpensive espresso machine. Honestly, I’m not an espresso snob by any means. As long as the grounds are good and the machine functions ok, I’m happy. The more particular you are about the preparation of your espresso, the more expensive of a machine you may want to invest in. This one is a Capresso machine that was gifted to us, but that was found on sale at a department store for around $30.


Give yourself some variety. Depending on your tastes, make sure you are stocked up on flavored syrups that you’ll enjoy. I like to keep a variety on hand to be able to mix things up or prepare different things for guests. I find a lot of my syrups at great prices at places like HomeGoods. Monin is one of my favorite brands because of their use of natural ingredients, like pure cane sugar, rather than artificial flavors or sugar alternatives. This year I also invested in my favorite seasonal Starbucks flavor. The bottle cost me $13 and will make dozens of coffees at home, rather than paying $5 a pop at the store!


Make steaming easy. While our Capresso machine does have the necessary attachments to steam milk while brewing espresso, I find it easier to use this lovely little device. Found at Target for about $39.99, this single serve milk frother makes it easy to get the right amount of milk at the right temp. It’s easier to clean and works well with a variety of milk types from whole milk to soy. I prefer to use lactose free milk  in my lattes at home, and that works just fine in this machine as well.


Enjoy it right at home. 2 pumps of my favorite syrup, 2 shots of espresso prepared in the Capresso machine, and 6-8oz of steamed milk combine to make my perfect Sunday at home latte. Money saved and no time with my snuggly pups missed!


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