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A Busy Girls Guide to Doing It Yourself

“W” is for Wine

WisforWine“W” is for Wine, well not entirely. It’s actually also the first letter of my future last name once I get married next year, but when it’s an accessory for the wine & coffee bar it works either way.

For this quick weekend afternoon project you only need a few things:

  • 1 – wood letter of you choosing.
  • A supply of wine corks (real corks work best but you can make some of the synthetic ones that are in a lot of bottles work now too)
  • A glue gun
  • A sharp knife or a cigar cutter

The first step is to cut your wine corks into thin disks. You can cut them as thin as you like, but I typically got about 5-6 disks out of each cork. Once I had a bunch of them cut, I started laying them on top of my wood letter. Once I had enough cut to cover it with 2 layers of corks I started to glue them down. Two staggered layers and a couple of colorful or printed ones scattered in a 3rd layer on the top completed this new accessory.

Have fun with this easy project idea. Decorate a letter that means something to you, or create words by combining letters! Let me know what you come up with to decorate your space. Go Do It!


-The Working Girl


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