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A Busy Girls Guide to Doing It Yourself

Makeup Organization Made Better

I’ll start by saying on this one, that while I do not have an enormous amount of makeup to organize, this type of system can work for those that have a much larger collection. It just comes down to finding a system, container, basket, bin, etc. that works for you.

I travel fairly regularly so between packing and unpacking I had given up on makeup organization. That meant that every morning I ended up digging through a large and bottomless travel case of makeup. It was messy and it took up precious time in my morning that it just plain didn’t deserve. So, a solution was needed.

Step 1: PURGE! I know I’m not the only girl out there that hoards samples and hangs on the products long past they are still good (and quite frankly healthy) to be using. Ladies, you put this stuff on your face everyday! Be careful about how long you’ve held on to products, allowing them to be collectors of bacteria, eww! So trash anything that is getting old, and things that you no longer use.

Step 2: Now that you have a true inventory of the volume of product you need to house, decide where you want to be able to store it. This will help determine what kind of container you need. If you want to keep it in open sight, you may want something that either displays or conceals your products. Think about the width and height of space you have. Will it sit out on the counter, or under a cabinet? In my case, I needed something small that I could set down in the cabinet under my bathroom sink because we don’t have an excessive amount of counter space. I wanted something easy to access that I didn’t have to open and close as well.

Step 3: GO SHOPPING! Like anytime I go out looking for storage solutions, go with you problem and needs in mind, not necessarily a preconceived notion of the product or solution you are looking for. This will keep you open-minded to solutions you may not have thought of before, things that are a little out of the box, but that likely work better than the common fix. I found this great little organization basket at Home Goods for $12.99! It’s a basket wrapped with an artificial sort of twine looking material that will withstand the humidity in the bathroom very well. It had multiple compartments to help organize different types of products, was relatively small, and had a great handle that makes it easy to pull out from inside the cabinet and put it away when I’m finished.


This same sort of process works for office supplies, medicine cabinets, pantries, and really any space where you have lots of products that accumulate easily and that need organization to remain accessible and really usable. So, Go Do It, and get a little more organized this weekend!

– The Working Girl

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