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A Busy Girls Guide to Doing It Yourself

Creative Storage Solutions

Sometimes you know you have a storage or organization need, but there might now be a clear way to solve for it. Or maybe there is a standard way and that just seems boring to you. I run into that a lot! There are so many ways to be creative with how you create storage and organization options in your home, why not have fun with it?! I often go out browsing stores, not with a specific shopping list, but with a list of “problems” I have or things that I need to solution for in my home. Or when I’m tired of using something in one way and want to change things up I’ll find ways to repurpose items.

There are lots of things that we need to organize in our house just to keep clutter from happening. Maybe it’s that we need a place to store extra throw blankets when they aren’t being used, or a place to store dog toys so that they aren’t always scattered all over the living room. Recently we started getting a lot of magazines from free promotional subscriptions and I wanted a place to store them until I made time to read them, which also meant I wanted to keep them in sight so I wouldn’t forget that I wanted to read them. Here are a few of the great solutions I’ve found over time to manage some of the stuff that just accumulates in our house in a practical and pretty way!

Mag Rack

This magazine rack was originally bought to be a fruit & vegetable basket in our kitchen. We tried using it for a while, but it was a little big and we decided to take it down. It became the perfect rack to stand in the corner of our living room and toss our collection of to-be-read magazines in. With it’s easel style legs it props up nicely next to the coffee bar and acts as cute decoration for the space in addition to a creative storage piece. The chalk board panel at the top adds some charm where we can add a custom message. I found this metal rack at World Market for around $30.


It’s always great to have extra blankets around for visiting family or movie nights, but for bulky items like this it can be difficult to find a good place to store them. This adorable wooden box trunk is the perfect spot to fold up and store blankets. It keeps them clean when not in use but it can be used as decoration itself. I use this one as an end table in the living room, so it serves dual purpose.


Our dogs love their toys! The problem is they like to pull out and play with about 5 of them at a time. While we let them end up all over the house, it’s nice to have a place to toss them when we want to clean up once in  while. I wanted to find something that would still allow toys to be accessible to the dogs but not be an eyesore in our space. I found this beautiful wooden slat box at Home Goods  for around $20. It’s perfect. The color of the wood and the nail heads tie in perfectly with other decor items in our living room. We set it in the corner of the room as a decor piece and the dogs can walk right up and pick toys out of it whenever they’d like. If only we could train them to put them away too!

Storage and organization are key for keeping your home feeling manageable and relaxing. When everything has a place its easy to maintain and reduces anxiety, but that doesn’t mean you have to use boring solutions. Be creative and open minded about your storage solutions. Go out with a problem in mind and look for items that would solve for that problem. This will let you be creative and find solutions that are more fun, more in line with your style, and ultimately will give your home more personality. Go Do It!


– The Working Girl

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